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Beginner Challenge is a challenge available to test the tile-tapping speed of a player. It is unlocked when the player reaches level 3. It is located in the Hall.

The application registers the world's best sitting at currently 17.996 tiles per second. However, many players have claimed to reach score much beyond this score.

One of these 'claims' (It is legit, but falsified due to being a robot) a robot made to play piano tiles 2, reaching a score of 21.079tps in the beginners challenge :Link:


The game starts at 3.33 tiles per second, with the beginning half of Bach's Prelude in C Major No. 1 playing, and starts getting faster and faster. At 5.03 tiles per second, the music smoothly transitioned to Chinese folk song Jasmine, plus a blue live wallpaper starts animating in the background. where it sometimes feature tiles separated with empty spaces. It is worth noting that the version plays in the hall of Jasmine is different than the one played in the actual stage.

5.9 tiles per second is roughly the top 50% mark, where the first section of Beethoven The Ruins of Athens No. 4 (more well-known as Turkish March) starts playing, and from there, the live blue wallpaper changes to a pink theme. The abundance of double tiles can catch first-time players off guard, while also being difficult to navigate through. At 6.6 tiles per second, roughly the top 10% mark, the beginning of The Fountain plays, with the sheer number of fast single tiles aiming at the player. Then, Mozart's Sonata in C Major K545 plays when the player reaches 7.3 tiles per second. Following that is F. Gossec's Gavotte, which plays starting from 7.8 tiles per second. At the top 6% mark, which is the point starting from 8.5 tiles per second, Flight of the Bumblebee plays. Lastly, at 9.6 tiles per second, Mozart's Turkish March plays, but without the big tiles. Afterwards, it loops (at 10.3 tiles per second to be exact).