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LimeH2O LimeH2O 25 January 2021


im kinda editing

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ERDarky1 ERDarky1 11 April 2020

More stuff complete

Fixed the ordering of all songs in the game. This page is up to date as of now.


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ERDarky1 ERDarky1 10 April 2020

A list of stuff I have done to make it easier on everyone else

Yesterday I edited the Christmas rhapsody records

today i edited some tiny pages etc.

I am mainly doing this for the achievement, but i will keep this up to date (hopefully)

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MagnisidianSwan MagnisidianSwan 8 December 2018

My fav piano tiles songs

Here are my fav piano tiles songs! 1. Dolls and Bear Dancing 2. Faded 3. Cannon 4. The Blue Danube 5. Alone

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Space26789 Space26789 21 September 2017

This needs to stop...

Well... as you can see im very active here. OK I found a user that is editing every page with Glory or Robio world records saying they are hackers, the one who is editing this pages doesnt have any proof that they hack so pls stop. Its is harder to identify who is doing these because he is not a registered user...


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StanleyAng StanleyAng 10 January 2017

Seasons Minigame (Similar Layout to BowserFanKai's)

Today I made a minigame similar to that of BowserFanKai's, but with only 4 questions, and season themed.

You must answer these questions in your opinion.

Best winter season song in PT2

Best spring season song in PT2

Best summer season song in PT2

Best autumn season song in PT2

You can also add more info on why you prefer the songs you chose.

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Variousthings3251 (2) Variousthings3251 (2) 6 January 2017

Boss song

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StanleyAng StanleyAng 4 January 2017

Overtook Blueeightnote's place

I overtook Blueeightnote's place on the leaderboard because I got 230 and Blueeightnote only got 180 XD

I don't know why I did this XD XD XD

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StanleyAng StanleyAng 31 December 2016

Composer portraits

I just added 5 portraits of composers in 5 songs, to make sure that people doesn't have to search all the way to remember how the composer looks like.

I added the portraits of these composers:

Ludwig van Beethoven

Frédéric Chopin

Ferdinand Beyer

Franz Schubert

Johann Pachelbel

To these songs:

Beyer No. 8


The Ruins of Athens No. 4


Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

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BowserFanKai BowserFanKai 26 December 2016

A short minigame

Your favourite song in PT2 

Most beautiful song in PT2

Creepiest song in PT2 

Saddest song in PT2

Most relaxing song in PT2 

Most joyful/ happiest song in PT2

Most aggressive song in PT2

Best memories song in PT2

Best underwater song in PT2

Best song for dancing in PT2

Most badass song in PT2

Best apocalypse song in PT2

Most boring song in PT2

Best song for Halloween in PT2

A song you associate with a TV Show (Show+Song)

Mainstream favourite song of everyone in PT2

Everything based on your own oppinion! 

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 18 November 2016

New update 3.0.8

  • 1 About the new update
  • 2 Recommend Song
  • 3 Level Songs
  • 4 Premium Songs (Purchasable Songs)
  • 5 New Master Challenge in Hall Section
  • 6 New Albums

  1. New Master Challenge
  2. New album "Time Corner"
  3. New 19 songs, up to level 84

Days in a Green Hill - Firefly (10 diamonds)

Note: Each 3 songs is one level. From level 80 to level 84.

  • 236. Suite in D minor HWV 448 Courante - Handel
  • 237. Waltz Op. 64 No. 3 in A Flat - Chopin
  • 238. The Chatterbox Op. 100 No. 17 - F. Burgmuller
  • 239. Valse Bleue - Alfred Margis
  • 240. Traum der Sennerin Op. 45 - August Labitzky
  • 241. Rondo in C Major WoO 48 - Beethoven
  • 242. Fleurette-Romance Op. 75 No. 1 - Joachim Raff
  • 243. Love's Dream After the Ball - Alphons Czibulka
  • 244. Le Rappel des Oiseaux - Jean-Philippe Rameau
  • 245. Bourree in G Major Op. 1 No. 5
  • 2…

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 5 November 2016

New Master Challenge!

My friend Cavin Chang (aka. Epic1224 on YouTube) post a video of Master Challenge. (https://youtu.be/RtMnqbTIJn4) So, It starts at 7.500 TPS (Tiles/Sec) and it's endless like Beginner Challenge and Skilled Challenge. He is a beta tester, so he got the newest update. So, as the description, the song will be:

  1. Spanish Dance (7.5 -> 8.0 TPS)
  2. Carmen Overture (8.0 -> 8.8 TPS) (with double tiles)
  3. Polka (8.8 -> 9.6 TPS) ( alternative version)
  4. Etude de Virtuosite in E (9.6 -> 10.15 TPS )
  5. William Tell Overture (10.15 -> 10.45 TPS)
  6. Hungarian Dances No. 5 (10.15 -> 10.8 TPS)
  7. ??? (From 10.8 TPS)

The update will be in Google Play or App Store soon. Have a look!

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Micjan2003 (2) Micjan2003 (2) 2 November 2016

Blue screen: bonus time

I cheat on purpose that is the new photo.

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 23 October 2016

All new Halloween update!

  • 1 Recommended
  • 2 Songs by Levels
  • 3 Premium Songs
  • 4 Slider Song
  • 5 Albums

Queen of the Night- Mozart ( 10 diamonds)

  • Lv.75
**221. Waltz Op. 69 No. 2 - Chopin **222. Walzer Op. 12 No. 2 - Grieg **223. Spring Song - Mendelssohn
  • Lv.76
**224. Melody in F Op. 3 No. 1 - Anton Rubinstein **225. Dance of the Hours - Amilcare Ponchielli **226. Polonaise in A Flat Major B. 5 - Chopin *Lv.77 **227. Sonata in F Major Hob. 23 Mvt. 1 - Haydn **228. Walzer Op. 325 - Johann Strauss II **229. Valse Brilliante Op. 34 No. 1 - Chopin *Lv.78 **230. Le Petit Rien - Francois Couperin **231. Sonata in Flat B Major K570 Mvt. 2 - Mozart **232. Suite HWV 442 G major Chaconne - Handel *Lv.79 **233. Sonata in D Major K284 Mvt. 3 - Mozart **234. Derniere Pensee Musicale - Weber **235.…

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And2806 And2806 19 October 2016

Proposed calculation of level difficulty - an algorithm

Hi all!

I searched for a long time a method in order to calculate the difficulty of a level in Piano Tiles 2. Personal evaluations are too subjective, depending on personal skills and impressions. So, an objective and mathematical method should be used instead.

I spent many time to find an optimal algorithm, and each algorithm I found had some pros and some cons. At the end, I believe that the following one would be a good one, and the best one among the ones selected by me, reflecting my personal impressions on the level difficulties, even if some doubts on some levels remain. Any further suggestion will be accepted.

Let me explain my algorithm (I prepared an Excel sheet with VB code in order to calculate the difficulty of each level, otherw…

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BowserFanKai BowserFanKai 12 October 2016

The Top 5 easiest Double Tiles songs in Piano Tiles 2

In this top 5, I'll show you the in my opinion easiest double tiles songs to earn 3 crowns in Piano Tiles 2.

  • 1 Number 5: The Blue Danube
  • 2 Number 4: Four Seasons- Spring
  • 3 Number 3: Oh! Susanna
  • 4 Number 2: Ode An Die Freude
  • 5 Number 1: A La Claire Fontaine

The number 5 spot on my list takes "The Blue Danube". It has a starting speed of 3.33 Tp/s and features only after one star the double tiles, but increases the speed from 3.33 Tp/s to 4.17 Tp/s between star one and two, and between stars two and three to 4.58 Tp/s, which is a quite high increase of speed, but it is still really easy. When I read at first Danube, I thought it was some kind of camel. XD

"Four Seasons- Spring" isn't just the in my opinion best movement of Four Seasons, it is too one of…

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 28 September 2016

New Update

  • 1 Songs by Levels
  • 2 Premium Songs
    • 2.1 Diamond Songs
    • 2.2 Slider Songs

  • Lv.70
**206. A Breeze From Alabama - Scott Joplin **207. 6 Ecossaises WoO 83 - Beethoven **208. Trompeter Op.33 No.2 - Adolf Jensen
  • Lv.71
**209. Album-leaf Op.12 No.7 - Grieg **210. Sonatina Op.20 No.1 Mvt.2 - Jan Ladislav Dussek **211. Sonata Hob.27 Mvt.3 - Haydn
  • Lv.72
**212. Nocturne Op.55 No.1 - Chopin **213. Sonatina Op.55 No.2 Mvt.3 - Kuhlau **214. L'adieu Op.100 No.12 - Friedrich Burgnlueller
  • Lv.73
**215. Suite BWV 1009 Bourree - J.S. Bach **216. Rondo Op.88 No.1 Mvt.3 - Kuhlau **217. Sonatina Op.36-2 Mvt.1 - Clementi
  • Lv.74
**218. Songs Without Words Op.19 No.2 - Mendelssohn **219. The Doll's Complaint - Cesar Franck **220. La Chevaleresque - Friedrich Burgnlueller
#Szla Dzieweczka …

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Kisunani Kisunani 28 September 2016

Wikia session flush, among other things;

So just recently I seemed to have been logged out without my action of doing so. In addition, the wiki pages seem to take up a significantly higher amount of CPU usage as well as RAM usage (approx 4 GB for one page?). Is this just me having cleared my cache or something, or is somebody else having this issue?

Using the latest version of Google Chrome (at this time), Windows 10 (also up-to-date)

(it wouldn't be the first time GC's used up my memory, but the fact the spike occurred while I was editing a wiki page somewhat concerns me; in addition, it tried to set cookies, and tried to give me a popup. I was logged off.)

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Kisunani Kisunani 24 September 2016

Gameplay video of the swipe notes, by PT2 on Facebook


Interesting, they seem to be differently measured than slider/hold notes; they're worth 2 points for what seems to be the same amount of beats to a hold note next to it (same beats, slider worth 3 points and swipe worth 2 points).

See 0:19 - 0:20, and check the point count. Any confirmation on this?

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 21 September 2016


So, just ask me about something, or me. Even the new update.

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 18 September 2016

Slide Tiles in NEW UPDATE!

So, in new update, there will be slide tiles. When you play, you have to swipe to right or to left to get all score.

  • Slider Songs will be : 4
#Warblings At Eve - Brinley Richards (10 Diamonds) #Carmen - Votre Toast - Bizet (6 Diamonds) #All Seasons Red - Yuxian Deng (6 Diamonds) #Rainy Night Flower - Yuxian Deng (6 Diamond)
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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 10 September 2016

Update 3.0.2

  • Version 3.0.2
  • Max Level: 69
  • Recommended Song: Moonlight Sonata Mvt. 1 (Beethoven)

  • Level 65:
    • 191. Something Doing (Scott Joplin)
    • 192. Sonatina Op. 20 No. 1 Mvt. 3 (Kuhlau)
    • 193. Suite BWV 1012 - 3. Courante (J. S. Bach)
  • Level 66:
    • 194. The Parade of the Tin Soldiers (Leon Jessel)
    • 195. Lieder Op. 52 No. 7(Beethoven)
    • 196. Entry Of The Gladiators (Julius Fucik)
  • Level 67:
    • 197. Swipesy Cakewalk (Scott Joplin)
    • 198. Polka Op. 39 No. 14 (Tchaikovsky)
    • 199. Sonata in C Major K309 Mvt. 1 (Mozart)
  • Level 68:
    • 200. Sonatina Op. 36 - 2 Mvt. 3 (Clementi)
    • 201. Impromptu Op. 142 No. 3 (Schubert)
    • 202. Italian Song Op. 39 No. 15 (Tchaikovsky)
  • Level 69:
    • 203. Cabaletta Op. 83 (Theodore Lack)
    • 204. Etude Op. 25 No. 9 (Chopin)
    • 205. Tempo di Ballo (Scarlatti)

  1. Endure - Ivan Castro (1 diamond)…

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Johann Pachelbel Johann Pachelbel 20 August 2016

I started joining this wiki!!!!!!

Hello users, my 1st blog post I started joining this wiki. My first thing that i startes joining this wiki because my sign up. If i see those reverted edits you are blocked. Put in the comments below the area. Goodbye.

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 20 August 2016

Special Songs (Anniversary Songs) Tag

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Marquero65 Marquero65 20 August 2016

I joined Piano Tiles Wiki!!!!!

Hello users, i am Marquero65. And i joined this wiki at August 20, 2016. I am a good user i user to edit some stuff which is good for me to edit. If i see some reverted edits i will block users for a expiry time of 3 days if i see users doint that i will block you. Just a theme cound'lt be accidentaly nice. Even i will write some words even nothing at all. Themes cant exist if i see those users are out of my site. The thing will start out making good or bad edits. So stay tuned for more blog posts and everthing all that.

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Anton5671 Anton5671 19 August 2016

I joined this wiki!!!!

Hello users, i joined this wiki. I am the editor boy and make some edits. But i am a 15 year old boy. No one continues and making reverted edits but i do not want to make reverted edits at all. That is nessary if i see users doing that i will block you. For that i got a reciver out of thie mind. I am the Animator 405. I​ use stuff to edit i can create some of Piano Tiles videos. Have fun users! And dont forget to follow me ever again! See you soon users. Leave me a message if you want users. I will conburite this wiki 5-14 days in a row but i will stay here. Goodbye for now on.

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 18 August 2016

Recent news

  • Yesterday and today:
  1. Lucky 100 Dolly's Dreaming and Awakening
  • Specials:
  1. Sitting next to you (Handsome) at 19:00 today.
  2. Tomorrow: Build the Dream.
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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 16 August 2016

Version (1st Anniversary)

  • Forest of Blocks - (Congfei Wei)

  • "Add to favorites" in the music page.
  • Anniversary Song for free at 19:00 from 15/8 -> 29/8
  1. Album: Wei
    1. Bluestone Alley
    2. Aurora
    3. Forest of Blocks
  1. Album I: The best love in the world for you!
    1. Birthday Song (Adapted by Pi) (15/8)
    2. Piano Tiles (Congfei Wei) (16/8)
    3. Pour Chopin (The Daydream) (17/8)
    4. Solitary Awakening (Kyrene) (18/8)
    5. Dance of the Fireflies (Firefly) (19/8)
  1. Album II: Original works from global player.
    1. Sitting Next to You (Handsome) (20/8)
    2. Build the dream (Shih Che Huang) (21/8)
    3. The truth that you leave (Pianoboy) (22/8)
    4. The way to get you (Sean) (23/8)
    5. Maxbay Went Away (Pi) (24/8)
  1. Album III: Sounds of Nature
    1. If you were by my side (Chen-Chen Ho) (25/8)
    2. The Steadfast Palm Grass (You Xue-Zhi) (26/8)
    3. Tears (The Daydream)(27/8…

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 23 July 2016

Songs from the update 2. 0. 5

  • Level 60:
    • 176. A Concert Waltz (Scott Joblin)
    • 177. The Song of The Robin (George W. Warren)
    • 178. Entr'acte Gavotte Op.13 (Ernest Gillet )
  • Level 61:
    • 179. The Easy Winner (Scott Joblin)
    • 180. Sylvia-Pizzicato (Leo Delibes)
    • 181. Gypsies Op.138 No. 19 (Stephen Heller)
  • Level 62:
    • 182. A Real Slow Drag (Scott Joblin)
    • 183. Cello Suite No.1 in G (J. S. Bach)
    • 184. Sonata in E Major K. 20 (Scarlatti)
  • Level 63:
    • 185. Coppelia-Waltz (Leo Delibes)
    • 186. Two Part Invention No. 8 (J. S. Bach)
    • 187. Petite Valse Op. 10 No. 2 (Genari Karganov)
  • Level 64:
    • 188. Canzonetta (Benjamin Godard)
    • 189. Hungarian Dance No. 7 (Johannes Brahms)
    • 190. Thine Alone Op. 54 (Gustav Lange)

  • Interplanetary Wandering (Chen-Chen Ho) (17 diamonds)

Notes: This is also a recommended songs in the version 2. 0.…

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Peuer Peuer 9 July 2016

Top Hidden Stages in Piano Tiles 2

This time I will be counting best secret stages in Piano Tiles 2 - the ones which can be found in game files, but are not available to play - however, you can find a modded version of the game with secret stages.

6. Sonata Pathetique Mvt. 3 by Beethoven - this stage is not very long, it's not very hard, but it's a "true" Sonata Pathetique and it's really nice to hear that beautiful piece in the game. However, it should be a little bit longer :(

5. Murmuring Zelphyrs P.190 by Jensen - pretty fast, pretty difficult, and it sounds really nice. I don't know why, but it reminds me of "The music box" by Ed Poldini.

4. Katyusha (Russian Folk Music) - really hard stage, can be considered as a little bit harder version of Hungarian Dance no. 5 (becaus…

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 3 July 2016

News from 27/6 to 3/7

  • 1 New songs we should add
  • 2 Song by levels
  • 3 Pop songs
  • 4 Premium Songs
    • 4.1 New events from 27/6 to 3/7

Notes these songs are listed from level 54 to 59 (now). If there is a new level or songs, I will add the new level and delete the oldest level in the blog, like: add level 60 then delete level 54.

  • Level 54:
    • 158. Remembrance Op.68 No.28 (Robert Schumann)
    • 159. Old King Cole (English Folk Music)
    • 160. String Quartet No.13 D.804 (Schubert)
  • Level 55:
    • 161. Anita's Dance (Grieg)
    • 162. Chanson Triste Op.40 No.2 (Tchaikovsky)
    • 163. La Serenata (Gaetano Braga)
  • Level 56:
    • 164. Valse Op.83 No.1 (Auguste Durand)
    • 165. Le Coucou (Louis-Claude Daquin)
    • 166. Gavotte from Op.183 No.1 (Carl Reinecke)
  • Level 57:
    • 167. Courante HWV 440 (Handel)
    • 168. The Laughing Song (Johann Strauss II)
    • 169.…

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Peuer Peuer 1 July 2016

The Best Stages to buy in Piano Tiles 2

After the ranking of the hardest stages, it's time for something more unusual - list of most valuable stages - the ones, which are the best to buy. I think it could also be a nice guide for people, who downloaded the game recently, saved some diamonds/coins and don't know which song to buy.

Number one - Nutcracker op. 71. Probably the best stage to buy with coins, just because of its low cost - 5000 golden notes. Two-three days of collecting boxes. And in this price we get a very fast, hard piece with some double tiles. If somebody thinks, it's too hard for him - trust me, it's really good to train on very hard pieces. You won't be a very good player, if you won't put yourself in front of big challenges.

Number two - The Flight of the Bumble…

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Peuer Peuer 21 June 2016

Hardest Stages

What are the hardest stages in PT2 in your opinion?

I am sure that number 1 spot is reserved for one piece - Etude de Virtuosite in E, or, how I call it, "that f.ing etude". The only stage I don't have 3 crowns in. It's like a supermarathon for your fingers - just tapping, tapping and tapping. The only breaks are +3 holding tile and one tile break around 100 score, and they really don't give you a chance to rest. My record is currently 2140, and I'm trying really hard to finish that f.ing stage. Even diamonds or free rescue can't help me. I was even thinking of cheating by slowing down the device (i think everybody knows that trick) but... after all of this I feel some strange respect to this piece. I was fighting so hard to 3 crown other p…

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Variousthings3251 (2) Variousthings3251 (2) 15 June 2016

Youtube Channel

YouTube channel - Piano Tiles 2 Videos and more things. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwIeCbLF_REZxKuns_77XQ

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Kisunani Kisunani 14 June 2016

Score Requirements

This is a blog post on score requirements to get a certain crown or star per level, and ideas addressing problems to them. (I hope I'll get my point across, since I'm pretty bad at explaining stuff :p)

  • 1 (some good intro name)
  • 2 solutions
    • 2.1 Base star requirements on time
    • 2.2 List the literal, lowest score requirement
    • 2.3 List the range in which a score can still be achieved
    • 2.4 List the highest possible score

When score requirements are posted on the wiki, they can be variable for one reason: hold notes. Since releasing a hold note before the entire note is completed does not result in a game over, a person can get a star or crown while having a lower score than the wiki says. So, if someone were to miss ALL the sliders on Horse Racing, they wouldn't…

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PhongfromVietnam PhongfromVietnam 10 June 2016

My "top 5" in Piano Tiles 2

This is my ranking of songs in Piano Tiles 2.

3rd: Etude op.10 no.3 (Chopin) 2nd: Romance de Amor (Narciso Yepes) 1st: Serenade (Schubert)

3rd: Fantaisie- Impromptu (Chopin) 2nd: Etude de Virtuosite in E (Moszkowski) 1st: Sonata Pathetique Mvt.3 (Beethoven)

3rd: Solfeggietto (C. P. E. Bach) 2nd: Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6 (Franz Liszt) 1st: Etude de Virtuosite in E (Moszkowski)

More ranking coming soon!

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Blueeighthnote Blueeighthnote 3 April 2016

Composer of G minor Bach

According to this thread: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4152831918?pn=2

g小调瓶子 is the author of this composition, based on Prelude and Fugue in C minor, BWV 847. Since it is now known, it turns out the game most likely has to soon properly credit him/her.

Although, with the author's name already written at the top-right corner of the piece, I don't think it is likely for Piano Tiles 2 developers to mistaken this composition as "Unknown". The same goes for "Penguin's Game", which the band name is known, GELATO.

Link to scores:

http://www.tan8.com/yuepu-10361.html (Chinese)

http://www.gangqinpu.com/html/11293.htm (Chinese)

Author's baidu profile: http://tieba.baidu.com/home/main?un=g%E5%B0%8F%E8%B0%83%E7%93%B6%E5%AD%90&fr=pb&ie=utf-8 (Chinese)

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Blueeighthnote Blueeighthnote 26 March 2016

Six stages are blocked in Arabia.

There are six stages that are, due to religious issues, blocked in Piano Tiles 2 in Arabia, according to the APK file. This can also be done by changing the language options to Arabic. The factor of blocked stages could potentially make stage listing a lot more complex.

The following stages are the affected ones, showing in MID and Stagename:

  • 100300: The Holy City
  • 100301: The day of resurrection
  • 100302: Jesus Christ is risen today
  • 100303: Thine is the Glory
  • 100304: When He cometh
  • 100305: Thanks to god

The reasoning of these blocks should be pretty apparent by their respective names. All stages above are Easter Special stages. As I checked in the game, it would omit these stages when either: A) The location is in Arabia, or B) The language is set t…

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Kisunani Kisunani 21 March 2016

App Updates, and a request for a database for each one per device

I'm making this blog post as a request to the community for databases on when Piano Tiles 2 is updated, which songs come with it, etc. (And I may just be saying the stupidest, least understandable things, but I don't know :p)

Too lazy to read this whole thing? Basically, just a few things are here:

  1. Can anbody give a full update log, with version numbers, for PT2 in the Google Play Store?
  2. When the Play Store says "version number varies per device", what does that mean?
  3. What songs are currently in the Kindle version for PT2?
  4. formatting

  • 1 Overview, and Part 1 - date discrepancies
    • 1.1 Apple/Android
    • 1.2 Kindle
  • 2 Part 2 - the community (you)
    • 2.1 Release dates
    • 2.2 Android
  • 3 Part 3 - suggested formatting
  • 4 Part 4 - end

So, today, I decided to try and find when each PT2…

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97jordan 97jordan 20 February 2016

About tile speed on endless loops

Hi. I just want to confirm if every tile speed actually increases by 72/min every loop.

Can you bring a line of code that explains the pattern?

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Blueeighthnote Blueeighthnote 14 February 2016

Should I add a bot to the wiki?

I've been making some edits that are semi-automated by AutoWikiBrowser now. Right now the edits are about to already overwhelming the Recent Wiki Activity, and it would become an even more serious issue when the main articles have more information entered. The stage orders, in particular, will be under constant updates.

Right now, all numbers for stages that are unlocked by diamonds or coins can be easily taken care of by a bot. It will be updating numbers whenever an update is rolled out, and judging by the current trends, it would shift down all stages by either 6 numbers, or 9 numbers (which has been tested to be working correctly in Fur Elise, Canon (Rock)). In an unlikely event when orders are switched chaotically, we could still update …

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Blueeighthnote Blueeighthnote 2 October 2015

Updating the Stages Information

Hi, this is Blueeighthnote, currently the only administrator on the wiki.

If anyone is interesting in joining the community, it would be appreciated!

Here are some guides of how to update the constantly-being-updated stagenames and stage information:

  • 1 Module:Switch
  • 2 Module:Switch/Credit
  • 3 Module:Switch/PT2Difficulty
  • 4 Module:Switch/PT2StageName
  • 5 Module:Switch/Numlist
  • 6 Template:PT2Difficulty, Template:PT2StageCredit, Template:PT2StageName, Template:PT2StageNum
  • 7 Template:PT2Stage

As for now, the Switch template is complete by itself and does not need further editing. It controls a list that will be converted according to the input. This will be explained below.

This controls the composer of the particular music piece being credited. Sometimes there could…

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