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Christmas Zoo is the 136th purchasable stage in Piano Tiles 2. This might be one of the craziest song in the whole game. The unique thing about this stage is, that it combines Sliders, Double Tiles and Combo Tiles. Once again, another song that slows down from Section 2 to Section 3 (to the starting speed), because it is where you prepare the torture, double tiles and slide tiles!

The current world record is 6751 by Glory YT in only one attempt!

 Song Background

This song is difficult in the sense that when you reach the 126 big tile, you have to be prepared to complete a set of double tiles and often times, adapting from a slow big tile tap to fast double tapping could be difficult. In addition, this song gets very difficult after 2 stars, in which you have to complete three sets of double taps. Each set is split as follows:

  • First set and second set are split by one long tile.
  • Second set and third set are split by one long tile and a slider tile.

It may be difficult to complete the slider tiles in full length due to the speed of the song, so as long as you slide the slider a little bit, you'll be ok to continue.

A final point to consider is that sometimes when the player tries to tap the slider tile (notably after the second set of double tiles), the game will fail to recognize the tap and force the player to unintentionally lose, which may throw him/her off.

After passing the second star, there was 25, 28, and 17 consecutive double tiles.


If you are attempting to 3-crown this song, you can! Sometimes it's hard to do so as explained in the previous section, but a good way to practice your double tile ability is by playing the song Csardas. A good way to practice your sliding ability is by playing the song Warblings At Eve, which contains slider tiles at a slow speed, allowing the player to easily adapt to sliding at higher speeds over time. A good way to practice big tiles is Turkish March.