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Crazy pharaoh is a purchasable stage in Piano Tiles 2. It is composed by Luo Ni, like G minor Bach! But, in the end, it is the most slide row out there, +25 after these double tiles in 2 stars. It's the craziest double tiles+ Slider tile in Piano Tiles 2. The post-2-star section is also the hardest part of this song and can throw off players when transitioning from lots of double tiles onto the slider tile. Sometimes the game will fail to recognize the sudden tap change and will mark the slider tile as incomplete and end the round.

The game didn't capitalize the letter "P" in "pharaoh" for unknown reasons. It might be a mistake.

The music has very long slider tile.

The current world record is 4619 by constiff3251, achieving a speed of 12.2 tiles/s.


MY MOST DISLIKED VIDEO(?) in Piano Tiles 2 - Crazy Pharaoh