La Ronde des Lutins is a mod stage in Piano Tiles 2. The difficulty on this song is Medium.Despacito Remix(Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee) is new song in Piano Tiles 2 released in about july or august. It is also orchestral song with other instruments played and its speed do not increase even the song loop or 3 crowns. It is need to collect the fragments by playing other songs, watching video and other mission(or use real money) to unlock this song, but many modders such Southey(The South) make apk version to unlock this songs for free.. Its background is unique and colorful.

Also Despacito is followed after unlocking this song. It has no orchestral music and they increase speed as gain crowns or loop song like mod but not Justin Bieber version.

Rather than modded by beepy(umod) , this song is original and not featuring by Justin Bieber.

Piano Tiles 2 - Despacito Remix -Full Version-

Piano Tiles 2 - Despacito Remix -Full Version-

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