Flight of the Bumblebee is the 156th stage of Piano Tiles 2. The stage can be purchased at a cost of 20000 coins. Along with Fur Elise, Canon (Rock) and Turkish March, it is among the first few purchasable stages in the original games, being the fourth and last stage of the final four.


This level doesn't contain double tiles. There is only a few holding tiles in the middle and in the end. When played correctly (full holding tiles) the length of the piece is 704.


This piece is one of the hardest stages in the entire game, due to long parts without any breaks. Although there is a small help: when you're reaching ~400 score, there are two long holding tiles, perfect for taking quick rest. Then you should be prepared for some more single tiles till two short holding tiles at ~470. After those you're just heading straight towards the finish in another stream of single tiles.

If you're trying to get 3 crowns, you should also rest a bit in the finish - there are some holding tiles.



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