Happy Tiles is fast 9 TPS song in Piano Tiles 2 made by Robis

of combo, slide, single, long, double tiles.

Also. This is funniest remix of Little Star, Build The Dream, Christmas Rhapsody, Moonlight Sonata and La Campannella

3 crowns is very hardest

but score per lap is 274. But if you not complete to the end the Slide is 272.

More Robis Songs:

  1. Wounded Snake - Score per lap is actually 609 and having hard tricks but some references: There are edited Christmas Rhapsody 1st Phase. 2nd Reference is Fountain Combo Tiles.
  2. Robin Dance - Fast Here and here be reference: The One Reference of This Song having reference of 3 Ecoassiacies Op.72 No.3
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