Master Challenge is a challenge available to test the tile-tapping speed of a player. It is unlocked when the player reaches level 30, and the starting speed is 7.538 tiles/s. The speed increases at roughly 0.005 ~ 0.006 TPS per switch. The player needs to play very carefully especially when it reaches Csardas at 11 tiles/s. The challenge is located in the Hall. It was released on November 18th in Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The application currently registers the "World's Best" as 17.999 tiles/s, and this is likely a "Slow Device", a hacker or a robot. The real world record is by Robis at 15.321 tiles/s.

NOTE: Sometimes the application registers the "World's Best" as 18.000. It is unknown how the Master Challenge's record is higher than the Beginner and Skilled Challenge records. In newer updates, there is a glitch where the "World's Best" is registered as 10.481 tiles/s.

Songs & GameplayEdit

There are 7 songs in Master Challenge. From 7.538 tiles/s until 8.000 tiles/s, Shostokava

Spanish Dances plays. From 8.000 tiles/s until 8.831 tiles/s, Bizet's Carmen Overture plays, and at 8.000 tiles/s a live blue wallpaper starts to animate, at 8.400 tiles/s the wallpaper changes to pink. The reason why the song Carmen Overture was chosen to be placed after Spanish Dances is because both songs are in A major, and having two songs with the same key signature together would sound better. From 8.831 tiles/s until 9.595 tiles/s, an alternative, E major version of Joseph Kuffner's Polka plays (originally it is in C major), and the reason why it is E major is because Moszkowski's Etude de Virtuosite in E plays from 9.601 tiles/s until 10.129 tiles/s, which is again in E major. This part can be hard for beginners because of the consecutive single tiles. From 10.134 tiles/s until 10.448 tiles/s, Gioachino Rossini's William Tell Overture plays, which is again, in E major, making it fit with the previous two songs. From 10.453 tiles/s until 10.805 tiles/s, the 3-star section of Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5 plays. However, some changes were made to the gameplay of Hungarian Dance No. 5 to make it easier, but it still is not considered very easy because of the crazy double tiles. From 10.805 tiles/s until 11.245 tiles/s, Vittorio Monti's Csardas plays, and it is with 24 consecutive double tiles in the very end when the player reaches 11 tiles/s. This can be extremely difficult to pass.

At 11.245/s, the stage loops back to the beginning.

EK clearing Csardas in Master Challenge.Edit

On May 13th 2017, EK has finally managed to clear the Csardas section. The video wasn't recorded though.

Here are the listed songs, where they start and when they end.

Song Begins Ends
"Spanish Dances" 7.538/s 7.995/s
"Carmen Overture" 8.000/s 8.831/s
"Polka" 8.836/s 9.595/s
"Etude de Virtuosité in E" 9.601/s 10.129/s
"William Tell Overture" 10.134/s 10.448/s
"Hungarian Dance No. 5" 10.453/s 10.800/s
"Csardas" 10.805/s 11.24