Piano Concerto In A Minor is a song in Piano Tiles 2 Umod written by Edvard Grieg. This masterpiece lasts about 25 minutes if not more. In the game, so far, only the first movement of the concerto is added which is about 10 minutes of the 25 minutes.

The first movement has a speed of 11.2 tiles per second. The starting is simple since it has some holding tiles which lead to some short single tiles. Then back to some holding tiles. As the song progresses it becomes more difficult since there are some double tiles which at 11.2 tiles per second can be hard to get through. There is also a big combo tapping tile around 2 stars. Note that there are plenty of single tiles followed by a single incomplete double tile (not consecutive).

By the end of the song (only the first movement - the second and third movement are not in the game yet), your fingers are somewhat, if not already exhausted. Using all of the three boosters may help you, however they are not guaranteed to help you finish the song. The first booster will bring you to 1 star (you need 3 stars to complete the song once), the second booster will slow down the tiles for about 50 tiles, and the third booster will help you if you miss a tile it will not count it as a life lost (you have 3 lives) for 15 seconds.

Song: Piano Concerto In A Minor

Composer: Edvard Grieg

Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE

Speed: 11.200 / 11.200 / 11.200

Points per round (max points you can get in the duration of the song): 10,629 points

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