Piano Concerto No.1 Op.23 is a magnificent masterpiece composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In Piano Tiles 2 UMod - TUS, this song is labeled as IMPOSSIBLE due to very high speeds and longevity (about 30 minutes)

This song consists of 3 movements, or parts. The first movement is about 20 minutes, the second movement is about 5 minutes, and the third movement is also about 5 minutes. When completing a movement, you will hold down a long holding tile and you will be given a star. When you receive 3 stars, the song is finished and replays from the beginning with a higher speed.

To help you get the max score, use the boosters, especially the shield and the slow down booster. The first booster that brings you to 1 star is good to use, however, keep in mind that you will wait longer than 20 minutes - the length of the first movement.

The main challenge in this song is the high speeds and being able to go at such high speeds for 30 minutes.This song is currently the 2nd longest song in Piano Tiles 2 UMod.

Due to such a high starting speed and longevity (about 30 minutes per round - that is about 90 minutes for 3 crowns), it is almost impossible for someone to obtain 3 crowns.

However, fortunately, This song also the movements separated into the 3 parts with the same speeds (11.200 / 11.200 / 11.200) in this UMod coming update. This merged movement songs (complete concerto) will moved in UMod:The Untold Story. - Good Luck :)

Song: Piano Concerto No.1 Op.23

Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Points per round: 29158

From beginning to one star (Mvt.1): 18073 points

From one star to two stars (Mvt.2): 5397 points

From two stars to three stars - end of song (Mvt.3): 5688 points

Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE

Speed: 11.200 / 11.200 / 11.200

The official Piano Tiles 2, where the speed is 5.000 / 5.500 / 5.888, is a short version of the song that will be easy to get to 3 stars and take only about 2 minutes, however that version doesn't allow you to play the full song and listen to Tchaikovsky magnificent masterpiece.

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