Piano Sonata Mvt.4 is a song in Piano Tiles 2 Umod. It was composed by Paul Dukas. This masterpiece sonata (full - all 4 Movements last about 45 minutes). Movement 4 lasts about 10-11 minutes. This song is labeled as LEGENDARY, which to be honest it is.

Some players believe that the sonata is very simple due to the holding tiles at the beginning. However, don't be fooled by this, once you pass 1 star (3190 points) the song becomes very challenging. Around the middle of 1 star (around 6000 points) there are some double tiles connected to single tiles which can be very difficult to pass. Around 6800 points you get a "break" which are some 3 points holding tiles - not much of a break, but when you actually play the song, you'll be happy to get this "break".

After that, we get 2 stars around (7450 points), which is again very difficult since there are single tiles and some short tiles. Near the ending your fingers get very tired, especially towards the end since the ending consists of many single tiles.

As you can see, this song is LEGENDARY labeled since it is very long (11 minutes), it has short tiles at high speeds (10.000 Tiles Per Second), and because there is minimal break after 1 star. To get 3 stars, the player must be able to play songs at 10.000 Tiles Per Second without getting hand/finger fatigue. The slow down booster and the shield will help you complete the song. The booster that gets you to 1 star is not beneficial in this song since the part up until 1 star is simple.

Song: Piano Sonata Mvt.4

Composer: Paul Dukas

Points Per Round (whole song): 10005 Points

Speed: 10.000 / 10.000 / 10.000

Difficulty: LEGENDARY

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