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Piano Tiles 2Edit

Top PriorityEdit

Project "Tiles per Second"

Due to limited resources, most users do not have root access, therefore unable to retrieve data of how fast is the speed in each stage. If you know the data for each of those, feel free to help out!

Project "Stub pages"

We need each page of the stages to be created, with some basic information available. They currently do not require much information filled up yet.

Future ProjectsEdit

Project "Featured Gameplay"

To have the video featured on this Wikia, you need to achieve a good score (above 3 stars) and include the gameplay in an acceptable framerate (15 fps or above), and SHOULD NOT be replaced by another audio file. The audio quality should be controlled - if the audio is too loud and cracks, it would not be accepted.

No SLOWDOWNS, please! Any slow-down cheats used to achieve better results will NOT be accepted. If your device lags a lot, try using a different device to record.

Project "Recordings"

The current quality of recording is quite limited due to the phone unable to record in-game sound without background interference. If you can get clean recordings of each stage with advanced software editing and uploading them into .ogg format, feel free to do so!

Project "Difficulty Determination"

It is very subjective to judge difficulty levels by only one person. Start a discussion!

Project "Update Squad"

The update rate of Piano Tiles 2 can be quite fast. Therefore, we need dedicated members to complete the hard work every time an update is released. Thank you for your help!

We are thankful for your contribution in wikia!

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