River Flows in You is a stage in Piano Tiles 2. Formerly, three times a day you could watch an add to play once, and you could play without watching ads if you got three crowns. However, it has been moved to the third mysterious songs box, which requires 8 stars in level 4 songs and 3 ads to unlock. With 964 tiles per lap, it's the 9th longest song in Piano Tiles 2.

Yiruma named in Korean as Lee Ru-ma and was born in South Korean on the 15th of February 1978 and is a very popular South Korean British composer and pianist. He has been in a various country such as North America, Asia country and Europe to performed!

Yiruma as been married and composed many music sheets including River Flows In You Sheet Music which is exciting music and collaborated with Henry Lau in the year 2015.

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