slow device is a device that cannot handle the full speed of a song in the game. Depends on how powerful the device is as well. 

On iOS, the device can sometimes get slowed down when Screen recording is on. This is an absolutely rare glitch.

On Android, you can easily slow down the game by turning on "Show screen updates" in Developer Options, or by turning on Power saving on a Samsung device. In addition, with a rooted phone it's possible to alter the speed to any arbitrary multiplier using a tool like Game Guardian's SpeedHack. Because this gives a more consistent speed than a slow phone, it's how most top scores are set.

There are also certain songs that can get slowed down on iOS, if it's an iPad 2 or iPad Mini (1st Gen), or iPhone 4s. Turkish March mostly does that, probably because the device does not have enough RAM to handle the speed or length of the song. Also, Turkish March is known to use more and more RAM than any other song when it gets sped up. Humoresque No. 7 also does that, but this is rarer.

Many people use this strategy to get world records (not legit) many beginners claim to have world records but they use a slow device.

If someone uses a slow device they can get humanly impossible “world records”. One can even reach 20+ tiles/sec.

How can this affect Edit

Sometimes, cheaters use this “strategy” to get crowns very easily on every song, this affects because there are tasks that you need to get crowns on certain songs and they are also crowns of getting an X amount of crowns and this tasks give you coins and diamonds so they could get this easily.

On Master Challenge, every week there is a competition of how much tiles/sec you can get, after the week ends you can view your rank worldwide, the “World’s Best” is ALWAYS affected because many cheaters use this strategy to get humanly impossible records to get very easily in the top 100. If you get onto the top 100 you get many diamonds so this affects in 2 things:

  • They get many diamonds in an undeserved way because they cheat
  • Legit people couldn’t get into the top 100 because of the cheaters
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