Solfeggietto is the 64th stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 22. The song is very hard because its fast.

Gameplay Edit

The song is very fast and hard due to its high speed and also because the great rounds of single tiles and the lack of holding tiles (there are only 4) Its hard to get 3 crowns in this song.

Strategy Edit

Before 3 stars Edit

The song starts with a great 7 TPS so it will be hard to beginners to get 3 stars, eventually there are not many songs that start with a 7 TPS, some examples of songs that start with this speed are: Hungarian Dance No. 5, Fantaisie - Impromptu, William Tell Overture etc. Its recommended to practice with Skilled Challenge or Master Challenge to get 3 stars.

Post 3 stars Edit

The song starts to get harder because the speed of the song is now very fast and is impossible to rest because of the rounds of single tiles. So you must practice with hard songs like Star Clock, Rondo Brilliante Op. 62, 3 Ecossaises Op. 72 No. 3, Etude Op. 740 No. 19 or Christmas Rhapsody get 3 crowns.



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