Study No.1 in C Major after Op.10 No.1 is a song in Piano Tiles Umod and is extremely fast and considered as legendary. To play this song, you need to be a master at 10 tiles per second. In addition, there is a short round of consecutive double tiles, also at a speed of 10 tps. Try to use a shield and a slow down booster. I will admit, this song is very beautiful and excellently composed.

Song Name: Study No.1 in C Major after Op.10 No.1

Composed by: Chopin / Godowsky

Speed: 10.000/10.000/10.000 Tiles per second (Speed will be 11.000+ after 3 stars and 12.000+ at 3 crowns - This is an estimate, I don't know for sure)

Difficulty: Legendary

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