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Turkish March is the 242nd stage of Piano Tiles 2. The stage can be purchased at a cost of 2360 coins. Along with Fur Elise, Canon (Rock) and Flight of the Bumblebee, it is among the first few purchasable stages in the original games, being the third stage of the final four. It is together with Fur Elise, Canon (Rock) Korobeiniki and Christmas Zoo


Piano Tiles 2 - Turkish March - 9265 World Record - Beyond 12.500 s

the only songs with Rapid Tiles. With 1256 Tiles per round, this is the 2nd longest song in the game. The currently world record is 10693 by Robio Channel.


Turkish March (originally called Alla Turca) is the third and last movement of Sonata in A major K. 331 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

It imitates the sound of Turkish Janissary bands, the music of which was much in vogue at that time.


When played correctly (full holding tiles) the length of this piece is 1256. It is the second longest stage in the game and one of the seven stages with length longer than 1000. The first part (before 1 star) consists of a lot of holding tiles and some single tiles between them. In the second part (before 2 stars) there are four big tiles, which are the main difficulty of the stage. Then, in the third part (before 3 stars) there are another 2 big tiles.


The biggest difficulty of the stage are the combo tiles. This is one of the three pieces in PT2 containing those (the other ones are Korobeiniki, Fur Elise, Christmas Zoo and Canon (Rock), so a lot of players are not prepared to finish it. After tapping on the big tile, the whole stage slows down, so you have a lot of time to finish it, or just take a short break. The best method to complete big tiles is to tap them when they are at top of the screen, then take a short break and start tapping them very fast with two fingers. When the number becomes very low (like 5) you should slow down, tap very slowly and be prepared for speed change. Before last tap look for the next tiles after the big one.



the beyond record of (unknown )reaching 9000+


  • This song is known to use more RAM than any other songs on iOS, and this causes a Slow Device glitch on low-end devices.