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About Alex-Vang

Hello there, very nice that you found my page that contains Piano Tiles 2. I create so many songs inside the template and updates the game faster than some administrators. When the update comes out in Android first, I may be active and create and edit the new songs. I do not create speeds in new songs, because I don't know the speeds of all new songs. Sometimes I create a new page with new songs early without a template after I watch some YouTube videos with new songs for Piano Tiles 2. Trust me, I may be the best player in my country, and it's too impossible for me to participate against the world.

I have 138 friends in my Facebook account, and these are my Norwegian friends and wasn't participating against the world as well. But I am the best of hundreds of my friends along with my mother, who is in the second place. She plays this game as well I have learned her the songs I liked. My highest score in Piano Tiles 2 is Turkish March and have almost 9k, with a score of 8929! Without lag or slow device. As of 2018 to the present, I don't play Piano Tiles 2 this much anymore, since I had over a year hiatus from this wiki, since I was at the other wikis that I love so much! You will now consider me as the current veteran of playing this game, as I was a newcomer from the start, in Spring 2016 to until 2017, where I became a runner-up. I quickly converted to being a veteran to between Spring and Autumn 2017, since I may not be so fast when it comes to playing faster songs today! I can do easily 10 TPS, and even 11 TPS, but the most impossible for me is for 12 TPS, since my hands are often really tiring like EK's in the past! I will now be the best Piano Tiles 2 player from Norway, since I've got the fastest point in Master Challenge, in near 12.5 TPS, even if all scores resets after for like 3 days! I hope you may find some interesting facts in my profile page!

My records from Hall


Beginner Challenge - 10.485 tiles pr.sec

Skilled Challenge - 11.962 tiles pr.sec (Almost 12 TPS)

Master Challenge - 12.488 tiles pr.sec (Probably a Norwegian record)


Slider Tile Challenge - 11.163 tiles pr.sec (2 crowns)

Combo Tile Challenge - 12.619 tiles pr.sec (3 crowns) (The legit Norwegian record, since some world records on this one are about over 13 or 14 TPS.)

Double Tile Challenge - 10.704 tiles pr.sec (2 crowns)


Accompaniment Tile Challenge - 9.133 tiles pr.sec (2 crowns)

Single Tile Challenge - 12.174 tiles pr.sec (3 crowns)

Classical gameplay - 247 tiles (1 crown)

My Top 50 Favorite Songs

1. The Shepherd Boy

2. Ayo Mama

3. G minor Bach

4. Spring rain

5. Smile Smile Smile

6. Ballade Op. 100 No. 15

7. Dance of Reed

8. Etude de Virtuosite in E (The former hardest song in the game)

9. Star Clock (The fastest song in the game)

10. Etude Op. 849 No. 21

11. Warblings At Eve (The real world record after Davon Gan [1693], no cheat and no slow device. I was better at sliding and I didn't encounter some speed change, so just get over it, okay?)

12. Symphony No. 5 Mvt. 1 (The most famous work in classical music)

13. Everything

14. Bad Day (Very famous song by Daniel Powter)

15. Csardas (Was the most consecutive double tile song before Build The Dream)

16. Nutcracker Op. 71

17. La Ronde de Lutins

18. 7 Landler WoO 11 No. 7

19. Modlitwa Dziewicy (The polish version of Maiden's Prayer)

20. Danse Macabre (My impression of RCT3 videos with the famous The Box)

21. Turkish March (Another song version that is from Sonata in A Major K331, this song will be from other title, Rondo alla Turca.)

22. Danse Chinoise

23. Little Star

24. 3 Ecossaises Op. 72 No. 3 (The fastest song in level up stages and was a former fastest song in the game)

25. Entr'acte-Gavotte Op. 13 (One of the most trickiest double tiles in the game)

26. Salty Rag

27. The Song of the Robin

28. Etude Op. 10 No. 5

29. The Skater's Waltz

30. Murmuring Brook

31. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

32. Ballade Op. 100 No. 15 (I watched Synthesia videos like that before, and I didn't suggest this song.)

33. The Chatterbox Op. 100 No. 17

34. Etude Op. 100 No. 2 (This title may be displaying Arabesque instead of Etude, like other Burgnlueller's songs.)

35. Hungarian Dance No. 5

36. Defend the Yellow River

37. Piano Sonata No. 2 (Originally known the most as The Funeral March in the third movement.)

38. Madding Wind

39. The Parade Of The Tin Soldiers

40. Sonata in C Major K309 Mvt. 1 (Some melodies in the beginning are the same as Sonata in C Major K545. No kidding.)

41. Spinning Song

42. Christmas Rhapsody (The hardest song in the game)

43. Battle Of Waterloo

44. Sonata No. 13 D. 664 Mvt. 3 (One of the trickiest double tile songs in the game)

45. Pizzicato Polka Op. 234

46. Le Rappel des oiseaux

47. Hasche-Mann Op. 15 No. 3

48. The Chrysanthemum (The weirdest song title to be in this game. Also very weird name from Scott Joplin's ragtime waltzes.)

49. Bella Riva Op. 87 - Mazurka (This song contains some repeating double tiles that is very hard, but I still like it.)

50. Menuet celebre Op. 14 No. 1

My Top 20 Favorite Mod Songs

1. Finger Breaker

2. Freedom Dive (The hardest song in all the mods in Piano Tiles 2)

3. Etude Op. 25 No. 1

4. Recuerdos de la Alhambra

5. Golden Waltz (A song by Beepy with all tiles types in a song)

6. Le Preux (One of the most consecutive double tiles in a mod, also the one of the hardest double tile songs from like the song Freedom Dive.)

7. Annen-Polka Op. 117

8. We Are Number One

9. Strange Sound

10. Rage Over a Lost Penny (A real rhythm version of a song called Rondo A Capriccio Op. 129)

11. Little Star (Mathias777 Long Tile +151 Version)

12. Carmen - Overture

13. Super Mario World - Title Theme

14. Turkish March - Adapted by Mathias777

15. Insanely Marching of Turks

16. Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 (Full Version)

17. Canon (Full Version)

18. Super Mario World - Castle Theme

19. Paganini Etude No. 6

20. Entry of the Gladiators (Faster Version)

My Top 10 Favorite YouTuber in Piano Tiles 2

1. Jackson007YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaafg9vaU5Xa8FR18YImkdA

2. Robio Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ7F4W1_4VWssnThAKFyhug

3. Beepy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqTa-M9QYdgeHdprxyQvIpQ

4. EK https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEk7011

5. Steve le destructeur (aka. Mathias777) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCONTU_2i07SMb4KhjbbsZCQ

6. Master Tiles https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwrXkZuWTy--JzP2JeaXosA

7. Soufiane Moutei https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJNQtBnjo_UUdRMpSqqPzQ

8. Constiff3251 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwIeCbLF_REZxKuns_77XQ

9. Glory YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_hpPTokdY9k1HH7GMtvgJA

10. Piano Tiles Master https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGzu9lJmB-d2sWp9BN8wcQ