Robot This user is a Bot.
This bot is operated by Blueeighthnote. It is a legitimate alternative account, used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
This is Blueeighthnote's alternative account.

Before it became a bot, it tried to do mundane tasks that Blueeighthnote cannot easily accomplish. Now that it is a bot, it will fully function as a working bot updating core data of the wiki.

Other than that, it'll just chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool.

Planned To-Do List for the BotEdit

  1. When new stages are added, purchasable stages will be reordered. The (future) bot plans to reorder them whenever a new update is released. (This is done by changing the parameter under {{{num|}}}).
  2. Category managements (Add/Remove categories)
  3. Automatically update the orders in Module:Switch/PT2Stages.

Methods of OperationEdit

  1. This bot is operated by Blueeighthnote.
  2. This bot is semi-automated, using AutoWikiBrowser.


In case a bot is not functioning correctly and doing harm to content, admins can shut down the bot:


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