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Hi, I'm Blueeighthnote! Welcome to Piano Tiles Wiki!
Current Status: Busy (Due to some recent real-life project going on, I may not be on site for a while.)

Finally I got to a wiki that my Avatar and Username fits better...LOL

Some additional insights would be greatly appreciated on this wiki. Anyways, enjoy this Wikia!

Piano Tiles 2 Speed ChartEdit




Checking the acceleration of Piano Tiles 2 right now. The speed is probably between +18 tiles/min and +21 tiles/min. However, I am currently unsure the exact value.

As of March 11, it is finally found out that the acceleration of each stage may be dependant on the stage, but the variables are still unknown. However, the average acceleration appears to be 20 tiles/min as predicted.


  1. Stage Orders up to date? No. Updating till 111 for now. All stages afterwards seem to be up to date.
  2. Filling every information of each stage? BPMs all setup correctly. MIDs all correct.
  3. Internal Speed completion? Partial.
  4. Piano Tiles 1 stuff? No.
  5. Information for stages up to Warblings at Eve (10)? No.
  6. Information for stages up to Ode an die Freude (25)? No.
  7. Information for stages up to Piano Tiles (40)? No.

Others Wikis that I work onEdit

(Status updated on Feb 23, 2018)

Wikis that I have frequently visited:
Wiki Site User
Candy Crush Saga Wiki [1] Former-admin, temporary inactivity, expected return in March 2018
  1. First Wiki ever edited on.
  2. Popular Wiki, often reaches top 100!
  3. Though admittedly I'm pretty behind right now since I'm not playing it very often anymore.
Tower of Saviors Wiki (Chinese) [2] Admin, active Data management and error check
Tower of Saviors Wiki (English) [3] User, active In-game content analysis and stuff
Wikis I've been on
Piano Tiles Wiki [4] Bureaucrat, inactive
  1. Editing Pages about the game Piano Tiles and Piano Tiles 2.
  2. How irresponsible, I should return editing! I will hop in and re-edit the mess I left in March 2018
Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki [5] Admin, inactive
  1. An excellent Wiki for Candy Crush Soda!
  2. Unfortunately inactive as my progress is low.
Diamond Digger Saga Wiki [6] Admin, inactive Diamond Digger Saga. Used to have designed a lot of templates for this wiki to use.
Prime Numbers Wiki [7] Bureaucrat, inactive Retired. While this Wiki is a lot of fun, I've lost interest at this point. I may return someday, though.

Personal Admin Tools for updatingEdit

Module:Switch/PT2Stages (Superseded everything else down there)


Category:Infobox PrevStage Update Needed

Category:Infobox NextStage Update Needed

Category:Infobox Number Mismatch

The Continue feature added in 8/24, with ability to watch ads to earn one diamond. In 9/3, it is restricted to 6 hours a 5-diamond offer only. In 9/11, it is further restricted so that players cannot simply exit the app to bypass the timer.

Experience GrowthEdit

18. 8600 19. 9099 20. 10000 21. 10000 22. 10000 23. 10000 24. 10000 25. 10000 26 onwards: 10000

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