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I loved Piano Tiles 2. I've only checked out Piano Tiles 1 for just a day and decided that it was nowhere near as good as Piano Tiles 2. At first, I played Piano Tiles 2 for the challenge, but then I stayed for the good music.

I really praise Piano Tiles 2 for introducing a great number of people to classical music, many of whom would otherwise never know or fall in love with the many great music and composers such as Chopin and Beethoven. This is the game's greatest aspect, and the challenge with friends is fun too, of course. However, I wish they would include the many other great and famous works by the big composers that they haven't done yet, instead of prioritizing the kind of music that they do these days, and also strive for technical accuracy in the music to make them sound as close to the original as possible, instead of what they did with some pieces. If not now, then I hope that there is a Piano Tiles 3 in the future that includes many of those pieces that they have yet to include.

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