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I loved Piano Tiles 2 when it was in its prime. In the beginning, I started playing it for the competitive fun from playing it with others, but then I stayed because it introduced me to a lot of good music. I really praise Piano Tiles 2 for introducing a great number of people to western classical music, many of whom would otherwise never have known or fallen in love with the many great music and composers such as Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, etc. To me, this is the game's greatest aspect, along with making people fall in love with the piano itself. The challenge with friends is fun too, of course. It's too bad they got greedy and turned the game to crap, and eventually got kicked out of Google Play Store because of the shady things they started to do.

Liked Music List

This is a list of music from the game whose details I wanted to archive for the purpose of remembering them when I need to. It only includes those music that I liked to a certain degree and over.

Always remember about the possibility that music in this list can have a different version in Piano Tiles 2 compared to their original version in real life. Notable music are marked with one or more "*" in the notes, so that they can be searched easily.

Music Name Credited to Notes