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Will be back to active editing near the end of July. nvm i died too many times in osu and ran out of respawns help me i need to do something more productive

will be trying really hard to push my activity up; school's been hitting a bit harder than i expected it to

95/100 days. would've been on Christmas too, aww

16/100 days.

Sandbox Links
Name Purpose is acceptable to be created as a wiki page? Notes
Song Selection To outlay the "Music" tab (post-update August 10, 2016) No - text not ready, examples and photos missing .
World Records (unofficial) To serve as a basic community-run list of all world records, with notes of whether the play is anecdotal, recorded, has a handcam, etc. No - page does not exist Not created.
Assets To give a detailed description of individual file assets in the Android APK. No - page does not exist Not created.
Updates To give an overview to all updates, per app store, as well as a link to major updates if necessary. No - incomplete
Score To explain the score mechanism; to show examples of the notes. No - page does not exist Not created.