The "Music" tab is the second tab of the main menu and is the selection screen for the main stages.

On August 11, 2016 (iOS), Piano Tiles 2 Version 3.0 was released, revamping the song selection "Music" tab. The update split purchasable songs from the standard songs unlocked by leveling up, and allowed users to favorite their songs for later use. It included all-new graphics for songs depending on star count, song type, and lock/unlock status.

It consists of three tabs - Level, Selection, and Favorites.

Level Edit

The first tab - "Level" - lists all of the main songs unlocked by leveling up. They are shown by either a grayscale lock, a gold star, or a gold crown tab.

IMG 6195

A locked song.


An unlocked song with a star value of 0 to 3.

Selection Edit

The second tab - "Selection" - lists all purchasable songs, including special songs, band songs, and songs unlocked by either coins or diamonds.


A locked purchasable song without a special background.

Locked band or special or songs are grayscale by default. Locked songs without a special background have a light-blue lock instead.

In addition, songs without a special background have their own color depending on the currency used to unlock them; if the currency used was diamonds, the tab will be purple with either a crown or a star; if the currency used was coins, the tab will be gold (similar to that of normal songs) with either a crown or a star.

Diamond crown info

An unlocked purchasable song with a star value of 4 or up (at least 1 crown).


An unlocked purchasable song with a star value of 0 to 3.

Band songs, introduced in Version 2.0, have a special background denoting that the song has additional sound assets, as well a new dynamic background while playing that song. These songs include new tap noises such as snares.

Special songs, which were added several days after Version 3.0, are each given their own special tab background which lack a set numerical value. So far, these songs are prioritized at the top of the list and are followed by band songs and the standard purchasable songs.


A locked band song.


An unlocked band song. The star/crown count does not affect the appearance of the tab.

  • Birthday Song (Adapted by Pi)
  • Piano Tiles (Congfei Wei)
  • Pour Chopin (The Daydream)
  • Solitary Awakening (Kyrene)
  • Dance of Fireflies (Firefly)
  • Sitting next to you (Handsome)
  • Build the Dream (Shih Che Huang)
  • The Truth That You Leave by Pianoboy
  • The Way to Get You (Sean)
  • Maxbay Went Away (Pi)
  • If you were by my side (Chen - Chen Ho)
  • The Steadfast Palm Grass (You Xue-Zhi)
  • Tear (The Daydream)
  • Song Of The Stream (Firefly)
  • Stepping On The Rainy Street (The Daydream)

Special Songs Edit

Songs released with a theme have specialized tab background that are unique from all the other songs. These songs are usually at the very top of the list, and are usually added in groups of 6. Locked songs have their tab in grayscale.

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Favorites Edit

The "Favorites" tab lists all songs the player has "favorited" using a heart icon to the left of the "Play" or purchase button. If a song has been favorited, the heart will appear red; if not, the heart will only appear as an outline.

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