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Piano Tiles 2

Hello! Im a PT 2 player...! Im level 115 (Max level) and Im an average PT 2 player! :D I play with 4 fingers (Im not the best but whatever XdDdDdDd)

My StatsEdit

As I tell you im level 115...! I have some great scores at some hard songs...!

Hall (Only Good Stats): Edit

Beginner Challenge: 10.4

Skilled Challenge: 10.4

Master Challenge: 11.0

Single Tile: 10.9

Some Good stats: Edit

Star Clock : 2 Crowns (I got 3 but with a glitch that made the song way slower)

Christmas Rhapsody: 1 crown (almost pass the 2nd lap of double tiles)

The Fountain: 3 crowns

Horse Racing: 3 crowns

Hungarian Dance No. 5: 3 crowns (When I pass the double tiles I was shaking so hard)

Polka: 3 crowns (I pass the 4th lap so I got 4 crowns imaginatively)

Csikos Post: 3 crowns

Csardas: 3 crowns

William Tell Overture: 2 crowns

Carmen Overture: 3 crowns

Fantaisie - Impromptu: 3 crowns

Solfeggietto: 3 crowns

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6: 3 crowns

Etude de Virtuosite in E: 2 crowns

Appassionata Mvt. 3: 3 crowns

Etude Op. 740 No. 19: 3 crowns

Rondo Brilliante Op. 62: 3 crowns

3 Ecossaises Op. 72 No. 3: 3 crowns

Moonlight Sonata Mvt. 3: 3 crowns

Dance of The Golden Snake 2: 3 crowns (The hardest song I have 3 crowned xD :D)

Spanish Dances: 3 crowns

Radetzky March: 3 crowns

Soldaten Marsch: 3 crowns

Etude Op. 10 No. 5: 3 crowns

How Active I am on this wiki this last days Edit

Im currently extremely active in the game and in the wiki (even if I have school :P).

Other wikis you can find me  Edit

Actually I think this last days im only editing this wiki but you can find me on:

  • GeometryPedia (I rarely visit/edit the wiki this last days)
  • Hungry Shark Wiki (Not very active anymore)     


What im editing this last days Edit

Im adding videos with world records and adding categories :P

Dont edit my profile! Edit

Pls im the only one who can edit this profile so dont edit anything here.

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