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  • Blueeighthnote

    According to this thread:

    g小调瓶子 is the author of this composition, based on Prelude and Fugue in C minor, BWV 847. Since it is now known, it turns out the game most likely has to soon properly credit him/her.

    Although, with the author's name already written at the top-right corner of the piece, I don't think it is likely for Piano Tiles 2 developers to mistaken this composition as "Unknown". The same goes for "Penguin's Game", which the band name is known, GELATO.

    Link to scores: (Chinese) (Chinese)

    Author's baidu profile: (Chinese)

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  • Blueeighthnote

    There are six stages that are, due to religious issues, blocked in Piano Tiles 2 in Arabia, according to the APK file. This can also be done by changing the language options to Arabic. The factor of blocked stages could potentially make stage listing a lot more complex.

    The following stages are the affected ones, showing in MID and Stagename:

    • 100300: The Holy City
    • 100301: The day of resurrection
    • 100302: Jesus Christ is risen today
    • 100303: Thine is the Glory
    • 100304: When He cometh
    • 100305: Thanks to god

    The reasoning of these blocks should be pretty apparent by their respective names. All stages above are Easter Special stages. As I checked in the game, it would omit these stages when either: A) The location is in Arabia, or B) The language is set t…

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  • Blueeighthnote

    I've been making some edits that are semi-automated by AutoWikiBrowser now. Right now the edits are about to already overwhelming the Recent Wiki Activity, and it would become an even more serious issue when the main articles have more information entered. The stage orders, in particular, will be under constant updates.

    Right now, all numbers for stages that are unlocked by diamonds or coins can be easily taken care of by a bot. It will be updating numbers whenever an update is rolled out, and judging by the current trends, it would shift down all stages by either 6 numbers, or 9 numbers (which has been tested to be working correctly in Fur Elise, Canon (Rock)). In an unlikely event when orders are switched chaotically, we could still update …

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  • Blueeighthnote

    Hi, this is Blueeighthnote, currently the only administrator on the wiki.

    If anyone is interesting in joining the community, it would be appreciated!

    Here are some guides of how to update the constantly-being-updated stagenames and stage information:

    As for now, the Switch template is complete by itself and does not need further editing. It controls a list that will be converted according to the input. This will be explained below.

    This controls the composer of the particular music piece being credited. Sometimes there could be mismatches between the game and the actual composer, but this should be written "solely" from the games. If there is a mistake, write the following:

    The reasoning of these abbreviations of stage names will be explained b…

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