I've been making some edits that are semi-automated by AutoWikiBrowser now. Right now the edits are about to already overwhelming the Recent Wiki Activity, and it would become an even more serious issue when the main articles have more information entered. The stage orders, in particular, will be under constant updates.

Right now, all numbers for stages that are unlocked by diamonds or coins can be easily taken care of by a bot. It will be updating numbers whenever an update is rolled out, and judging by the current trends, it would shift down all stages by either 6 numbers, or 9 numbers (which has been tested to be working correctly in Fur Elise, Canon (Rock)). In an unlikely event when orders are switched chaotically, we could still update them manually.

I would like to flag my alternate account, User:BlueENhelp, into a bot, but I would need your support before I contact staff. Please let me know in the comments!