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Here are some guides of how to update the constantly-being-updated stagenames and stage information:


As for now, the Switch template is complete by itself and does not need further editing. It controls a list that will be converted according to the input. This will be explained below.


This controls the composer of the particular music piece being credited. Sometimes there could be mismatches between the game and the actual composer, but this should be written "solely" from the games. If there is a mistake, write the following:


......after the entry of the list, but before the semicolon. This will be converted into the text: "(Mistake, see below)" if the options parameter is "showmistake", where the article will then display the correct information.

When Updating the pages, remember to fill up the list exactly as how the code is written.

For Example:

[64] = "C. P. E. Bach";
PRV18 = "Rachmaninoff"..mistake;

The reasoning of these abbreviations of stage names will be explained below.


This controls all of the difficulty levels. If there is one that you feel like there is a mistake, or inappropriate, start a discussion either on the talk page, or in the comments. Unauthorized changes will be challenged or reverted, and please do not be arrogant or too stubborn.

This template is not protected as of now because there are no discussions so far. A lot of stages have undetermined difficulties, so it is better to start a discussion.


Fill up the name of the stage according to the game, whether or not it is wrong.


This is the most complicated template by far. Due to the game updating in such a fast speed that the roman numerals (for purchaseables) are constantly changing. Therefore, it is more practical to refer the list in stage names rather than the roman numerals. But, to provide backwards comparability, a complicated switch system is developed by allowing a list to be created sorted regardless of update date.

Any stage that have roman numerals in the order will be converted. The abbreviations are selected by the Initials, however if there is disambiguation, some adjustments would be necessary.

Template:PT2Difficulty, Template:PT2StageCredit, Template:PT2StageName, Template:PT2StageNum

This is for outputting the aforementioned values, but with a template for user-friendliness.


This is for outputting the aforementioned values, but with a template for user-friendliness. This provides links.