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    So just recently I seemed to have been logged out without my action of doing so. In addition, the wiki pages seem to take up a significantly higher amount of CPU usage as well as RAM usage (approx 4 GB for one page?). Is this just me having cleared my cache or something, or is somebody else having this issue?

    Using the latest version of Google Chrome (at this time), Windows 10 (also up-to-date)

    (it wouldn't be the first time GC's used up my memory, but the fact the spike occurred while I was editing a wiki page somewhat concerns me; in addition, it tried to set cookies, and tried to give me a popup. I was logged off.)

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  • Kisunani

    Interesting, they seem to be differently measured than slider/hold notes; they're worth 2 points for what seems to be the same amount of beats to a hold note next to it (same beats, slider worth 3 points and swipe worth 2 points).

    See 0:19 - 0:20, and check the point count. Any confirmation on this?

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  • Kisunani

    Score Requirements

    June 14, 2016 by Kisunani

    This is a blog post on score requirements to get a certain crown or star per level, and ideas addressing problems to them. (I hope I'll get my point across, since I'm pretty bad at explaining stuff :p)

    When score requirements are posted on the wiki, they can be variable for one reason: hold notes. Since releasing a hold note before the entire note is completed does not result in a game over, a person can get a star or crown while having a lower score than the wiki says. So, if someone were to miss ALL the sliders on Horse Racing, they wouldn't get anywhere near the requirements listed on the wiki page. 

    Obviously, songs that have no hold notes will not be inaccurate, in any way. But there happen to be very few songs with that 

    Stars are gaine…

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  • Kisunani

    I'm making this blog post as a request to the community for databases on when Piano Tiles 2 is updated, which songs come with it, etc. (And I may just be saying the stupidest, least understandable things, but I don't know :p)

    Too lazy to read this whole thing? Basically, just a few things are here:

    1. Can anbody give a full update log, with version numbers, for PT2 in the Google Play Store?
    2. When the Play Store says "version number varies per device", what does that mean?
    3. What songs are currently in the Kindle version for PT2?
    4. formatting

    So, today, I decided to try and find when each PT2 song was added into the game, so I went into the iTunes store page (which you can find here, but you'll have to use the link provided to iTunes to see the update lo…

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