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  • Peuer

    This time I will be counting best secret stages in Piano Tiles 2 - the ones which can be found in game files, but are not available to play - however, you can find a modded version of the game with secret stages.

    6. Sonata Pathetique Mvt. 3 by Beethoven - this stage is not very long, it's not very hard, but it's a "true" Sonata Pathetique and it's really nice to hear that beautiful piece in the game. However, it should be a little bit longer :(

    5. Murmuring Zelphyrs P.190 by Jensen - pretty fast, pretty difficult, and it sounds really nice. I don't know why, but it reminds me of "The music box" by Ed Poldini.

    4. Katyusha (Russian Folk Music) - really hard stage, can be considered as a little bit harder version of Hungarian Dance no. 5 (becaus…

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  • Peuer

    After the ranking of the hardest stages, it's time for something more unusual - list of most valuable stages - the ones, which are the best to buy. I think it could also be a nice guide for people, who downloaded the game recently, saved some diamonds/coins and don't know which song to buy.

    Number one - Nutcracker op. 71. Probably the best stage to buy with coins, just because of its low cost - 5000 golden notes. Two-three days of collecting boxes. And in this price we get a very fast, hard piece with some double tiles. If somebody thinks, it's too hard for him - trust me, it's really good to train on very hard pieces. You won't be a very good player, if you won't put yourself in front of big challenges.

    Number two - The Flight of the Bumble…

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  • Peuer

    Hardest Stages

    June 21, 2016 by Peuer

    What are the hardest stages in PT2 in your opinion?

    I am sure that number 1 spot is reserved for one piece - Etude de Virtuosite in E, or, how I call it, "that etude". The only stage I don't have 3 crowns in. It's like a supermarathon for your fingers - just tapping, tapping and tapping. The only breaks are +3 holding tile and one tile break around 100 score, and they really don't give you a chance to rest. My record is currently 2140, and I'm trying really hard to finish that stage. Even diamonds or free rescue can't help me. I was even thinking of cheating by slowing down the device (i think everybody knows that trick) but... after all of this I feel some strange respect to this piece. I was fighting so hard to 3 crown other p…

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