This is my ranking of songs in Piano Tiles 2.

Easiest Songs

3rd: Etude op.10 no.3 (Chopin) 2nd: Romance de Amor (Narciso Yepes) 1st: Serenade (Schubert)

Hardest Songs

3rd: Fantaisie- Impromptu (Chopin) 2nd: Etude de Virtuosite in E (Moszkowski) 1st: Sonata Pathetique Mvt.3 (Beethoven)

Hardest Songs (lots of single tiles)

3rd: Solfeggietto (C. P. E. Bach) 2nd: Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6 (Franz Liszt) 1st: Etude de Virtuosite in E (Moszkowski)

More ranking coming soon!