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Warblings At Eve is a stage in Piano Tiles 2 and is unlocked by opening the second mysterious songs box, which requires 7 stars in level 3 songs and 3 ads. It is the first slide song in the game to instruct some players to try and slide through to the goal. The current world record is 2122 by Ana Y David and the 2nd world record is 2081 by Super Vegito Krc319.


The gameplay is very slow and easy. It starts with a small round of Single Tiles and then many Sliding Tiles appear (In fact there are 21 Single Tiles). Almost everyone can get 3 stars in the song.

For somehow the slide tiles may hack your score.

Before 3 Stars

The song starts with a speed of 3.17 TPS making this song one of the slowest in the game. The song is actually short and it finishes with a speed of 3.63 TPS. Even beginners can get 3 stars without problems.

Post 3 Stars

At this point the song gets a little bit hard for some players because the speed is now 3.97 (Actually is pretty slow but Slide Tiles are a little bit hard at moderated speeds) actually is not very hard until B-Crown because the speed is now 4.63 so it would be harder and then it finishes with a 5.63 TPS. After getting the C-crown the song gets faster and faster until it gets impossible.