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William Tell Overture is the 52nd stage of Piano Tiles 2. It is unlocked when the player reaches Level 18.

It was considered as one of the Hardest songs in Piano Tiles with speedy spacing tiles in Piano Tiles and you need to be carefully when you get 2 stars.

The current world record is 3513 by Glory YT.


ARDUINO DEFEATED?! Piano Tiles 2 - William Tell Overture - Little Star - 4412 World Record



This stage is very difficult due to the maximum game speed being present, however, the scattered tiles make this seem less fast. Getting to PT2 Star.png PT2 Star.png PT2 Star.png can take serious effort. On some level, the scattered tiles do make it easier due to less brain processing overload, but some less experienced players may tap the white break rather than the normal black tile.

Also, it is best to avoid tapping gifts in this level. Due to the tiles being spaced out, some gifts are not collectible at all, and sometimes, when you tap a gift next to a spaced out tile, the game will register that as an error and end the level.